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Sedex provides the platform to the buyer and seller to share their ethical supply chain data. It is an innovative supply chain management solution that helps to reduce risk, maintain goodwill of the company and improve supply chain. Currently, it is spread over 150 countries and has more than 36,000 members, making it a truly global organization.

Sedex is benefited to:

  1. Retailers
  2. Consumer brands
  3. Suppliers


The term BSCI stands for business social compliance initiative. It is a leading business committed to improvise working condition in the global supply chain. It also tackles the challenges by providing code of conduct and single implementation system. BSCI is benefited to retailers, importers, brands, producers, stakeholders and workers

Aim of the BSCI is:

  1. Create harmonization for companies who wants to improvise their social compliance in the global supply chain.
  2. To establish a common platform for the various companies
  3. To protect the workers’ rights and benefits in compliance of local and international requirements

Social Audit

RIS factory have undergone many social & legal Audit by 3rd party Auditing agency such as BV for top retailers worldwide. We will happy to share the Audit report on demand by any other retailers worldwide.